Monday, September 27, 2004

New Supplier in Town 

There's a new supplier who just opened their doors - and they have some real bargains in equipment we'll need. We can easily save several thousand dollars - if only we had the bank loan already.

They have the reach in refrigerator we've been eyeing for almost a thousand less than anywhere else. They have the mixer we've been drooling over for almost two thousand less than we could find it used. They have an icemaker for $800 less, and a dishwasher for almost a thousand less. They have the triple sinks we'll need for $400.00 less. Pan and bun racks for $200.00 less. They install the vent system we need for $8,000.00 less than anyone else we talked to.

Their furniture and small wares are pricey, but that doesn't matter, because we know where to get those for a reasonable price.

That's almost a $13,000.00 savings. It would be positively criminal if we can't save that to spend on ingredients and employees instead of equipment.

Oh, please let us get that loan quickly so we can snap these things up for the Cracked Cauldron.

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