Tuesday, September 21, 2004

New Local Supplier 

There's a new dairy farm - well, OK, it's not new, but it started making a new product: a yogurt soft cheese. This cheese tastes great in cheesecake and is a tasty substitute for cream cheese in some recipes. It's a bit thinner than regular cream cheese, so it would make an excellent flavored cheese spread.

Best news is they're local, just up the road a piece, and they're looking for places to whom to sell the cheese.

I think we could easily be one of their consumers, we need a good local soft cheese for our baked goods and bread spreads.

Besides, I know the owner and his kids, and I can easily go out and meet his cows, who graze free range and look very content, by the way.

So, yay, that's 2 local small dairies we'll help support through buying their product to make our products to fill our customers' tummies.

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