Thursday, September 30, 2004


So, I went to the bank at lunch to get the home equity loan started. I'll need to provide the current mortgage status, which should be here soon, as I asked for it last Friday.

That's the only piece of data missing.

They'll start processing the loan based on the estimate from the annual statement, but a current one would be nice.

As soon as that loan comes through, we'll apply it to the Cracked Cauldron and try for a loan again.

One way or the other, we will be open.


It is a real pity I still haven't completely recovered from the brief time we were homeless. The only thing of value I own is the house.

And, of course, my ability to work like a dog, hours and days on end without pause.

Manager and our Queen Flour Monkey are the same way.

The Queen Flour Monkey wants me to say that she's nicknamed us: Sick (Manger), Twisted (her), and Weird (me), because only sick, twisted, and weird people would pursue this so very hard.

Of course, we all feel the outcome would be astonishingly happy for us and our stockholders, and the goal is worth the work to get there.

To celebrate the new plan in place, tonight, we'll make a new and yummy hand pie.

We know someone who's been harvesting their new crop of rabbits. How does a rabbit pie sound?

It's a myth that rabbits like carrots. BunBun, the rabbit that lives in the diningroom, doesn't like carrots, but oh, does he love lavendar and sourgrass and violets and nasturtiums.

Rabbit is a mild flavored meat, especially when it's a farmed meat, so maybe we should forgo sourgrass and nasturtiums as flavorings with it.

Lavendar, though. I think lavendar would be an amazing addition to this rabbit pie. I happen to have a huge stand of lavendar still blooming.

So, rabbit, in a light lemon sauce flavored with lavendar and roses? Yes, I think roses. I have the Tropicana still blooming. Fill it up with both wild rice and sticky short grain brown rice and peas. Rabbits love peas - if BunBun's any sampling.

So, there you have it: A flowery rabbit hand pie. I imagine it would be perfect for spring.

Now, should we encase it in a puff pastry, a phyllo pastry, or a rice pastry?

If we stick with rice as the wrapper, it will be edible by both people on a carnivorous diet and by people following a gluten-free diet. and the rest of us will like it because it's yummy.

Or it should be.

I'll let you know tomorrow.

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