Friday, September 24, 2004

Menu Additions 

Granted, these aren't additions for which we'd charge extra to our customers dining in, still, they would be available inside the Cracked Cauldron and for a small additional charge as carry out.

Dipping oils: We offer a savory variety of freshly made dipping oils and sauces for your ciabbattas, foccaccias, and rolls.
Bread Spreads: Plain and flavored, we offer a tasty selection of butters, cream cheeses, margarines, yogurt/butter blends, pestos, and herb and fruit spreads to enjoy on your breads and roll.

Expansion would include offering aline of take-home jars and packages of the oils, butters, spreads, jams, and jellies, many of which we plan to make ourselves with local fruits and such. Sandbeach plum butter. Pawpaw jam. Serviceberry jelly. Sumac jelly. That sort of thing.

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