Monday, September 27, 2004

Five Weeks 

We have 5 weeks before our preferred Opening Date.

Can we do it?

I'm not sure.

If we get the bank loan in the next few days, yes, no problem.

Without the bank loan, we'll try a mortgage equity loan or a second mortgage on the house, and we'll still (barely) manage opening by the end of the month.

Manager and I spent the weekend reworking our basic needs, to see just how cheaply we can pull this off. With the money we still have in the bank, we need only add another $70,000.00 and we can operate with minimal income for 6 months. Drop it $20,000.00, and we can keep our doors open for 3 months with a trickle of income.

But you know, when we open our doors for real business, it's not going to be a trickle of income, it's going to be a flood. We have addicted people to our version of cake, cookies, and coffee. We can't go anywhere anymore without people asking when we'll open, and how soon can they get (take your choice:) Bacon Bread, Mediterannean Olive Bread, King's Cookies, Hot Drops, Pumpkin Cookies, Chicken Aloute, Nutmeg Angel Cake, Chocolate Chai Roses, a daily cup of the Cauldron Brew...and more.

Our Marketing Calendar is full for the coming year, our Bake Schedule is packed with delicious surprises as well as the daily offerings.

Five Weeks.

Just Five Weeks until we want our doors open and our ovens hot.

Can we do it?

Stay tuned to see.

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