Monday, August 02, 2004

Trade Shows 

Manager will be attending the IBIE Trade show in Nevada later this month.

It will gove her an apportunity to see most of the equipment we've been looking at online "in person" as it were. That will give her a chance to see sizes and fit, and even watch them in action to see if they'll suit her needs.

Besides equipment, she'll also meet the consumable suppliers, of grains, flours, nuts, fruits, sugars, and such.

Now that we have our logo (and it will be paid for in another few days, once all the Paypal transactions have completed - it's slow, but not as slow as smail mail), we can print up brochures and contact cards for her to take along.

We've been going through the programming guide and floor plans to plot the best routes she should take and which booths to concentrate upon.

Of course, once she actually gets there, this may change, and she may find things we left out, or didn't know about.

And, since her best walking shoes broke in New Orleans, we have to get her a new pair before she leaves.

The timballettos, by the way, need a bit more work. The pastry wasn't quite sturdy enough for the filling and it leaked everywhere.

Instead of using a puff pastry, I'm wondering if I shouldn't use a flaky crust, like I use for Banbury Tarts?

Or, if I do use the puff pastry, maybe I should make them smaller? There wouldn't be much filling to them, I'd have to use a smaller pasta. Being only 2-3 bites, it would take 3 or 4 to make up a "meal sized" serving.

I found a book on monastery soups, and it's amazing how many ways they can combine carrots, leeks, potatoes, cabbage, and broth to make different soups.

The Scholastica Soup, though, I think is worth investigating to appeal to the college students who will frequent the Cracked Cauldron.

There was also a nifty bread soup that looks yummy that we'll have to try out, and there was an onion soup that was very different from the usual French Onion, and may be worth investigating. The recipe is for 4 people and starts out with 10 onions.

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