Sunday, August 15, 2004

Trade Show 

Manager will be leaving to the Baking Expo 2004 in about an hour.

She has a new professional looking wardrobe (just a few dresses), new comfy shoes, luggage tags for her check-in luggage, her Executive Summary (in case she meets any venture capitalists), many business cards, a first aid kit, a cell phone, a "mini office" with staple, staple puller, hole punch, calculator), a packet of 3x5s for extended information on products so she doesn't have to wade through brochures trying to remember what it was that impressed her (she can staple a business card to it to remember who the person was), a laptop, a list of things to which she needs to pay particular attention, a map of the trade show, and baked goods to snack upon during her flight and in the hotel.

Actually, she'll be changing hotels partway through so she can take advantage of lower room rates, thus saving $150.00 in hotel rates.

Neither she nor I understand why one would want to waste money on an expensive hotel with all sorts of unnecessary bells and whistles when all that's needed is a bed and shower with a locking door.

Why fly 1st class when 2nd or 3rd will get you there just as quickly and safely?

Why pay $250.00 for a suit when you can get the same suit at Ross for $29.99 - same name brand, same color, same size?

Some things I can see spending more for, when the extra price ensures better, more durable quality. When there is no difference in quality, why pay the higher price?

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