Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Moving Forward 

The attorney Manager fired last week gave us a rather volatile and insulting letter this week, containing a number of outright falsehoods and a few libelous statements. She's still deciding what to do about it, but to be honest, there are more important things to consider right now.

She's getting pre-approval from the SBA for her loan, and speaking with the bank loan officer. I'm working on the marketing plan.

She'll be attending the IBIE Baker's Trade Show in Nevada in a week and a half, which is very important.

The timing couldn't be better. While there, she'll be able to see the equipment in person, have them demonstrated, and receive Trade Show discounts. She'll meet suppliers and other bakers, attend important seminars and workshops, and establish herself as a viable business.

Once the loan and the lease are finalized, we'll be in the home stretch of setting up!

It looks very promising that we'll be done in time for our preferred scheduled Grand Opening date on October 29th.

But, if we encounter a few delays along the way, we have a back-up opening date.

Marketing plans right now revolve around the immediate holiday season and the opening, but I'm hoping to have a full year in place by the end of this weekend. And still have time to mow the lawn, wash dishes, bake bread for a dinner with a potential beef supplier, and play with ferrets.

Opening will be (on time) the weekend before Halloween, giving us all kinds of cauldron tie-ins, and we'll be giving away free cauldron cookies.

Almost immediately after that is the presidential election - I so want to make pink elephants and green donkeys, but I suppose I'd be murdered for that. Still, free cookies to people who wear "I Voted" stickers, and a few special Vote Cookies will be part of the scheme.

Then we rocket right into Thanksgiving with special savory pies, all kinds of tarts and pies, turkey shaped cookies, and yes, more cauldrons!

Barely breathing from that we enter the Christmas/Winter Holiday season, and boy do we have plans!

Our homeless resource section should be well-launched, and we can start showing how many people we and our customers have fed since we opened, and maybe, by then, how many people we have helped find homes.

That's a little more important than dealing with an attorney we've already fired, no matter how spiteful and petty he was after the fact. If we discover he's caused actual damage to the Cracked Cauldron, that can change. We've already consulted another attorney on this mess in order to clear it up, and to move forward to opening.

Opening, right now, is the important thing.

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