Sunday, August 22, 2004

Mailing List 

We started compiling a mailing list this afternoon so we'll have the addresses and emails of our current customers to invite them to a special Open House as a "thank you" for their support of the Cracked Cauldron, their "guinea pigness" in testing our recipes, and their constant whining about what was taking so long.

There are already over 50 people on the list - just from the folks we saw or spoke with today - actually, just within the last 5 hours.

If you're reading this blog and aren't sure you're on this list, email us your contact info (mailing address only if you want to receive an invitation via Post Office, otherwise, email is fine).

We will only use this information for the Open House invitation.

At the Open House, you will be invited to join our emailing list, and may choose to sign up for a hard copy mailing list.

For those who want a sample of what we'll be providing, we've agreed to provide the treats at the 1 year anniversary of a gift shop, Once Upon a Silver Moon whose owner has given us much valuable support and information about local businesses.

Drop by her shop on September 1st, see what sorts of lovely gifts she has (handmade soaps, custom perfumes and incenses, candles, candle holders, semi-precious gems, gorgeous carved wooden staffs and wands, jewelry, darling handmade stuffed critters), sample cake and cookies from the Cracked Cauldron, and have a great time!

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