Friday, August 20, 2004

Last Day in Nevada 

Manager spent her final day in Nevada as a gawking tourista, and had fun with it.

She also found a bakery there.

Naturally, it was in the Paris Hotel, a little French bakery.

She said their croissants were decent.

Manager's flight will arrive late tonight.

Monday, whether she's heard back from the Women's Business Center and the SBA or not, she'll go talk to her loan officer at her bank. She is tired of waiting to get the loan done, and she needs to get the money soon to satisfy the growing number of customers she has.

I had several people ask me this morning, on my errands as I went to work, how they went about buying stock. They won't be large investors, but they're showing their confidence and support by just asking to buy stock, even if all they buy are 1 or 2 shares. One is a manager at a UPS Store, another works at 7-11, and several are co-workers here.

They aren't wealthy people. That they are willing to invest what they have to spare bespeaks a great deal of confidence in the Cracked Cauldron.

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