Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Increased Readers 


I just checked the site meter for this blog.

Usually, I get about 8-9 readers on it - and I'm one of them because I look at it to check comments and such.

Suddenly, there were 30 visitors today - and the bulk of them didn't come from the Trade Show, as I sort of expected, what with Manager handing our business cards with the blog address on them. Nope. Most of them came from Diane at Nobody Knows Anything.

She did a nifty little review of this poor blog, and suddenly our traffic trebled.

Her blog is a good one, well-written, entertaining, and if she'll visit Oklahoma, we'll ply her with carbs and coffee until she waddles back home.

Yes. Yes, I do bribe people with baked goodies. Because then they get addicted and crave more and then they become friends. And then they have a vested interest in our success because nobody else has our recipes. If they want to eat our goodies, they have to work at keeping our doors open; once they open, that is - and thank you, all you bribees, who are helping us to get those doors open in the first place!

The power of a cookie has no limits.

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