Tuesday, August 10, 2004


The deomgraphics mentined earlier were the ones for the locations we were looking at then. Since we've pretty much committed to this location on Northwest Expressway (pre-rental agreement pending the completion of the loan...), I thought I'd pull up the demographics for the area. It straddles 2 diverse types of neighborhoods:

To the north, we have:

35.18% of residents in this area fit the following profile:
Demographic:Median age is 39.4 years.Most householders are over the age of 55.Most are couples; few have younger children, although some have adult children living at home.Socioeconomic:Median household income is almost $37,600.Almost 60 percent of households receive income from interest, dividends or rental properties.Residential:Homes are in older, established neighborhoods.Suburban, single-family, and owner-occupied homes with an average value slightly lower than the national average.

26.7% of residents in this area fit the following profile:
Demographic:Median age is 39.4 years.More than 40 percent of the householders are between the ages of 45 and 64 years.Socioeconomic:Median household income is $52,000.Two-thirds of the households receive income from dividends, interest or rental properties.Unemployment is 50 percent lower than the national average.Over 20 percent households receiving retirement or pension income.More than 90 percent of adults (25 years and older) have completed high school; more than 40 percent, a college degree.Residential:Homes are owner-occupied with an average value 40 percent above the national average.Most homes were built between 1950 and 1969.Comprised of single-family homes.

20.12% of residents in this area fit the following profile:
Demographic:Median age is 36.7 years.Socioeconomic:Median household income is slightly over $42,600.Unemployment is low.Most of the working population is employed in professional or managerial positions.More than 35 percent of adults (age 25+) have earned a college degree.Residential:Mix of single-family homes and townhouses with smaller (two to five units) rentals.Most homes are owner-occupied, including condominiums.Average home value is above the national average.

To the south, we have:

18.75% of residents in this area fit the following profile:
Demographic:Median age, 32.4 years, represents the gap between householders under 25 and over 75 years. (national average)Socioeconomic:Median household income is $21,400.About 60 percent of households earn less than $25,000.The rates of unemployment and poverty are twice the national averages.Residential:Most of the housing is older, built before 1950.Single-family units, duplexes and quads account for most of the housing.

16.99% of residents in this area fit the following profile:
Demographic:Median age is 34 years.Socioeconomic:Median household income is $30,800.Represents more than 5 percent of U.S. households.Unemployment and poverty are low.Half of the work force is employed in the manufacturing and service industries.Residential:Neighborhoods offer affordable housing: older, single-family homes and duplexes.Average home value is 40 percent below the national average.

12.39% of residents in this area fit the following profile:
Demographic:Households are single-person or shared.Median age is 31.1 years.Approximately 25 percent of are in twenties.Socioeconomic:Represents 1.5 percent of U.S. population.Median household income is $24,600. Half of the employed population is employed part-time.30 percent have a bachelor's or graduate degree; almost 30 percent have completed some college or an associate degree; 20 percent are attending college.Residential:20 percent of the housing is single-family, owner-occupied.

That 20% attending college are the students at the private college just 6 blocks south of our chosen location.

East and west of us is all office complexes, hotels, malls, and shops.

This location (with the right mix of marketing and timing) will get the Cracked Cauldron off to a roaring start.

I think it's particularly auspicious to start at Halloween, because that will tie our cauldron logo and name into people's minds as a fun place to go for festive treats and local entertainment. By the time "cauldron season" is over, we should be well-established as a place of bounty, happiness, and celebration. The spring will consolidate our position as a year-round place of great coffees, good conversation, delicous breads and pastries, and the perfect place to meet and greet others. By the time next "cauldron season" arrives, we should be the place people think of first when it comes to coffee, bread, snacks, meeting others, party foods, casual entertainment, or a place to just relax amid the hectic holiday splendor.

I'm looking forward to hearing people answer the age old question of "Where do you want to go tonight?" with "The Cracked Cauldron." Maybe followed up with "It's Punday all day." or "It's Argentina Week, I'm craving those empanadas." or something similar.

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