Monday, August 02, 2004


We counted up the actual, solid customers we have for the Cracked Cauldron: people who have bought from us and want to buy more, people we bake for on a regular basis, people who've sampled our goodies and want to buy them on a regular basis, and people who want to book meeting space when we open. Right now, without any real advertising or marketing, that number is over 150.

We left a bowl of cookies in a small shop we frequent (with the name of the Cracked Cauldron with it!) so they could offer them to their customers - making a pleasant extra for them, and a nice pre-advertising for us.

I suggested we get testimonials from at least some of these people, and add them to a mailing list for invitations to the Grand Opening. Virally speaking, I'm not sure how many people these will bring in with them, but I think we can at least count on it doubling.

That's not a lot of people, until you realize we haven't really advertised at all, yet.

I told Manager she should add this to her proposal.

And I'm almost done with a marketing plan - I bought a year calendar this past weekend. With a logo, I can proceed a little faster now. That logo will appear on our labels and bags, the aprons our employees will wear, and we found a place that will make coffee cups that look like cracked cauldrons - black with a white painted crack. The blog has pictures of the building we're hoping to get and some views near by.

Everything but the money is speeding up, and even that is beginning to move.

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