Thursday, August 12, 2004

Baker's Trade Show 

Manager will be going to the Baker's Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV,
Sunday through Friday of next week.

This show only happens once every 3 years, and is the largest baker's
trade show in the US. There will be thousands of vendors, suppliers,
ingredient people, bakers, and such there. And trade show discounts.

Manager has a list of talks and demonstrations to attend, and a map
of the trade floor (sections A-P!) so she can plan her stops.

I expect she'll return with bags full of brochures and cards, and a
computer full of notes.

While she's gone, I'll finish up the marketing plan and finalize the
web page - which, with any luck, will go up by the 23rd. Part of the
delay on this is finalizing the opening menu, and finding the right
software for the web page for orders. Another thing for Manager to
look for at the Trade Show!

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