Thursday, July 08, 2004


Tomorrow, a co-worker retires, and I will bring a cake, all full of luscious carbs and caffeine. I'm thinking maybe a rich pound cake with a chocolate glaze and garnished with fresh fruit?

And, as if that weren't enough - we're having a Tea Party tomorrow night to taste test several cookie recipes, so we'll be baking cookies today and tomorrow for this event.

Only about a dozen people will be there, which is good since the house is small until we finish packing away Manager's things. My kitchen is chest high in rows of boxes full of Manager's kitchen equipment, which, of course, we must keep, and must find a storage place for so long as she lives here.

All the rest of her things have comfortably fit into the rest of the house, but we both are cooks who like having the right equipment.

The weekend should be "restful" in that we have no baking plans, and no bakery work to be done, just lawn mowing and the other work of life.

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