Friday, July 23, 2004

Reviewing an Offer 

I took time to read through the offer from the Startup Journal in reference to the PR Newswire, and there are lots of hidden costs, making it not worth our money or time at this point. There is little they offer that we can't get for free.

I already have a list of all the media outlets in town: emails, addresses, phone numbers, and names. It's a simple matter to send email press releases. Some of them I know through other works, such as MedFaire.

I've written press releases for a number of agencies over the years, from The Infant Center to the SCA and beyond, doing so for the Cracked Cauldron shouldn't be too hard.

Along with that, we have contact information for all of the advertising directors of these various media. Once we are closer to opening (we've paid the deposits on our location, C. is generously holding it for us - or perhaps not so genrously, we have to wait for him to complete repairs anad such on it, and this gives him time to do that, knowing he has a seriously interested tenant), we will contact these people.

We already know how to list the web page we will be creating in search engines.

We know some of the people who work in the offices and locations where we'll be setting out flyers, and they are eagerly waiting for us to open.

We have people who are already spreading the word about the Cracked Cauldron, and we have plans to deliver baskets of goodies to the drive-home DJs.

I don't think there is much they can offer us we don't already have.

Now, if we were some large franchise with national impact, we would because we wouldn't have knowledge of the media contacts in other cities, let alone other states. It woud be a valuable service then.

But we're a small bakery catering to the people in one metro area. We know the area, and we know the market, and we know the media.

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