Saturday, July 31, 2004

Our (hopeful) Location 

Below are pictures we took this afternoon standing in the parking lot of the building we hope will become the Cracked Cauldron.

We didn't take pictures of the cars driving by, because there were so many. As you can see, we have 2 completed hotels in the same block, 3 tall office towers in 2 blocks, between Penn Towers and 50 Penn Place is Penn Square Mall. Although there is a deli in Penn Towers, they don't have anything we do.

The hotel immediately to our west and Penn Tower share the same parking lot, and the new hotel going in behind and between Penn Tower and the existing hotel will also share the same parking lot.

People exiting off the highway need never access the street, as the exit ramp allows them to exit into the Penn Tower parking lot (and hence our parking lot). The nearby restaurants are, as you can see, a McDonald's, and unseen: IHop, Chili's, Pepperoni Grill, Belle Isle Brew Pub, and then it gets into fast foods.

Three blocks west is a really good public library, and the librarians want to put flyers up for the bakery and are thrilled we might be "neighbors". Next to the library are 3 more large office tower buildings, to which we are close enough for lunch and dinner traffic.

It is, for us, a prime location - highly visible, with lots of "foot" traffic (although, this being Oklahoma, I expect most of them will drive over anyway, even if they are just the other end of the parking lot.

The landlord is great, and he's eager for us to get the financing so we can move ahead with our plans.

On a bright note, we hired a very good artist to create our logo, and she did so very quickly. We are exceptionally pleased with what she did, and it is worth every penny we'll be sending her as soon as the bank processes it into the paypal account we created so we could pay her via paypal (her request).

We will be giving her wall space in the Cracked Cauldron to sell her art.

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