Thursday, July 29, 2004

It's Ali-i-i-ive! 

Or more accurately, It's Arrived!

On Monday, we overnighted a few slices of bread to a friend residing in another state, to see how it shipped, among other things.

It arrived today.

Well, technically, it arrived yesterday, as I shipped it to an older address, and they graciously forwarded it.

Still, please note that yesterday was Wednesday, not Tuesday.

Unless the Post Office counts days differently, overnight is supposed to be over 1 night, not 2.

Our next venture will be with UPS, to see how long they take, and in what condition the goodies arrive. We will also try more tender goodies than our signature Bacon Bread.

Bacon Bread is pretty durable. Without refrigeration or other than normal precautions, it will stay fresh tasting for up to 8 days, although 6 is the maximum recommended. At 8 days, it just got scary, because we use no preservatives, and even commercial bread rarely lasts that long, and commercial bread is chock full of preservatives.

I won't tell you the lengths we had to go through to make sure a loaf of Bacon Bread remained uneaten long enough to measure its shelf life.

We have gullib guine p taste testers in several states whom we can depend upon to give detailed evaluations of what we ship, so we are going to take full advantage of them.

On the upbeat side, we collected 4 new customers today at the SBA with a drop off of Cauldron Cookies.

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