Monday, July 26, 2004


Yesterday, we tried new recipes for soft pretzels, bacon bread, and the Celtic Knot Rolls.

Both recipes turned out yummy, but not at all as expected.

The pretzel dough was too sticky to handle and shape, and all the usual fixes made it worse, so we gave in and shaped them in lumpy dollops.

The flavor, especially when coupled with cream cheese, was very good, but they looked so like Pet Rocks. It's almost tempting to keep the recipe as is, and sell them as Edible Rocks.

We also made bacon bread with cheese (I took pictures and posted them below). This loaf is not low carbohydrate at all. I used proper hard red wheat flour with it because cheese inhibits the rising with wheat protein and wheat gluten alone. I'd have gotten frisbees instead of bread.

There is a problem with too much softness in this, though. The finished and baked loaf is soft anad sticky on the interior, which makes it difficult to slice but excellent toasted, as the flavor holds up well. I do like the change in bacon brands, but may have to mix them, as the new brand doesn't generate enough bacon grease.

The cheese topping, while very yummy, makes the top crust too firm to slice well from the top down, but flipping the bread and slicing it upside down worked well.

I really liked the flavor, but I'm not too happy with the texture. I want it a little firmer for thinner slices.

Of course, part of hte problem could be that we sliced the bread before it was completely cool.

The Celtic Knot Rolls, I have no idea what went wrong. Manager made those after I went to bed last night. I'll have to ask her when I see her tonight.

And Manager made Orange Cinnamon Rolls, because a potential investor asked for samples, and he'd heard about these rolls from someone else. So, she made them, and I took them in to him on my way to work.

Dinner last night was composed quite naturally of the various breads we baked - a carbolicious carnival of flavors.

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