Monday, July 19, 2004

Busy Day Today 

Manager will be a busy young woman today.

She plugged good numbers  into her pro forma sheets and other such mathish and financial paperwork to print out for review by J. and the WBC in preparation for visiting her loan officer.

She will contact our Chief Flour Monkey for a formal resume.  She will contact C. for the pre-lease agreement, and she needs to fill out her OK Tax forms and mail them in today.

A friend who runs a gift shop lent her some "after opening" books on marketing and store set-up.  With those books and the course materials for the MBA J. lent her, she'll be a busy camper.

I'm hoping she sees the loan officer by Wednesday, but I'll settle for Friday.

We went over the price of the equipment with catalogs in hand to be sure we were getting high and low prices, and managed to shave off $50,000.00 of what we thought we needed.  The remaining $200,000.00 will give her a 6 month operating edge before she needs to start making money, and it also allows for the possibility of only needing my house as collateral in the loan.  This is a Good Thing.

We found 2 other guinea pigs sources for taste testing our baked goods.

Manager also said J. wanted to try the bacon bread with cheese in it, so I've been sampling cheeses to find the one that will hold up best in the bread.  I cannot make it low carb with the cheese in it though - cheese inhibits the rise of the bread, and using wheat protein and wheat gluten in place of flour already causes some rise problems.  Adding cheese results in a loaf that is dense,  gummy, and prone to quick mold.  It also tastes kind of off, like pork gone bad.  However, using real flour bolstered with extra gluten (which does lower the carb total by a whopping 1 gram) lets it rise nicely.

Once I perfect the cheese formula for the bacon bread, we decided to overnight a small loaf of the bread to J. so he can sample it himself.

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