Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bad Knots 

What went wrong with the Celtic Knot Rolls was a fruit based recipe wherein the fruit apparently inhibited the rising action of the yeast, resulting in a soggy, dense dough as if no yeast at all had been added. It is possible that a much lengthier rise time might have compensated - say 2 or 3 days.

I know the bacon bread is severely effected by humidity and the quality of the bacon and bacon grease added to the recipe. A too-salty bacon will inhibit the yeast if I add salt.

I've made apple bread before, and it did require a lot of extra rise time, so we're thinking that was the problem here.

And speaking of rise times, we are thinking about containers for the yeast starters we have. I have a starter I brought over from Germany 30+ years ago, and a starter given to me by a man I met at the Friends of the Library Book Sale, and 2 starters I created - one a whole wheat and one a rye based starter.

We'll need to start feeding them up in September and growing them large enough to use in the Cracked Cauldron by October, which means finding large enough containers and a good place to store them.

Shopping for starter bins - what fun!

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