Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Sick Ferret 

I've left most of the work up to Manager while I take care of a sick ferret. Normally, I can handle all the healthcare of the critters residing with us, from the turtle to the dogs. This little guy's problem stumped me, though.

It stumped the vet, too.

Many tests later, it turned out to be a very rare (for ferrets) urinary problem.

Now, we just have to convince him to eat the prescription diet.

In the meantime, Manager is working and waiting on the loan application information.

We're in that nebulous hurry-and-wait time.

A co-worker has taken a new position elsewhere, so I'm planning some goodies for her last day. Ones that everyone will love to hate because they're yummy yet not on their respective diets. They'll sneak into the break room for "just a nibble" and guiltily slink out, carrying photocopies they don't need as an excuse for being in there.

All I will have left are dirty dishes.

I'm thinking something light and summery and chock full of carbohydrates.

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