Monday, June 07, 2004

More Real Estate News 

We've found 2 people who are interested in sub-leasing if Manager decdes on the old Spaghetti Factory building - which would make the rent less than $1,000.00 a month each, and more than 7,000 square feet each. Since it consists of a basement, ground floor and upper level, each with separate entires, this would work well for all of us.

One is a fresh herbs, herb plants, and herb products shop (not mine - I haven't the land to grow enough herbs to have a shop), and the other would be a "tweenies" gift shop.

All three shops would be owned by women, and each would attract customers for the other. The tweenies would want cookies and custom flavored milks and sodas, the herb folk would want artisan breads and organic teas and coffees, and the Cracked Cauldron would send parents and relatives to the tweenie shop for gifts for their tweenies, and the herb shop for those things. Besides, we can have Crimson grow herbs we want and need for our teas, soups, breads, and pastries.

The three shop owners would benefit. It would certainly give value added for the customers.

I'll have to drive by and take pictures of the location.

The tweenie shop owner has already done her legal business set-up, and is now looking for a location.

I don't know about Crimson, yet, because I don't think I know her. But Manager does.

It's an option, not one to which we are committed, but it is an appealing one.

We have to make a decision by August 1st so we have time to clean up and decorate.

If you remember, the old Spaghetti Factory is located in the heart of the Paseo Arts District. And it happens to be in an Empowermenet Zone, giving special tax breaks and grant opportunities to us.

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