Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Knitting and Coffee 

At Small Business Trends, there's a report that knitting is hot.

There's mention of knitting clubs, and blends of coffeehouses with yarn shops.

Manager knits. She's been knitting for a few years now. It would be easy for her to open up the Cracked Cauldron to such knitting clubs - a Knitter's Night Out for coffee and clacking.

The report about knitters reminded me of another market for the Cracked Cauldron - the migrants returning to Oklahoma from California.

Yesterday, I had a visitor who was in Oklahoma on a job interview - he was a Ph.D. in math, and we fell to talking. I had samples of one of products - a brownie based lemon meringue tart, and offered him one while we talked.

His eyes lit up when he ate it, and he demanded to know where he could get more. I gave him Manager's card and told him she hadn't opened yet, but it would be a bakery with Poetry Night and Open Mike Night, and live entertainment and such.

You should have seen him swoon with pleasure. When I mentioned the thought of having coffee cuppings for singles, he became very excited. He has to return to California, but after being assured we had an orchestra and a ballet, and a short overview of property values, he promised to spread the word to his colleagues also considering a return to Oklahoma. He asked for, and I gave him, more of the Cracked Cauldron's business cards. He hopes that by the time he's moved and settled, she'll be open for business.

So, we have knitters and migrants to target for business. Now, more than ever, seems like the right time to open the Cracked Cauldron.

On a more practical note, Manager will be attending a marketing workshop tomorrow, and meeting with the Women's Business Center to have them review her business loan proposal before she gives it to the loan officer.

Friday, we meet with the owner of the old Spaghetti Factory to see what we can do with it. We'll also talk with HUD about the economic development grants available. And then we'll talk with the owners of the old Plaza Court building.

Soon, we'll have money and a place. With those two, the rest will be a piece of cake. Lemon spice, I think.

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