Saturday, June 26, 2004


Manager and I tried out a new recipe for the cookies one uses to make ice cream sandwiches. Not that we'll be making ice cream sandwiches, mind, just that we wanted to try out the recipe and see if we could modify it to make a soft, chewy chocolate cooke.

The cookies were edible when warm. When cold, they were soft, and chewy, just as we wanted. Downside - they were terribly dry.

I think using brown sugar in them would keep them soft and add much needed moisture.

On the plus side, dry as they were, they were excellent to eat with coffee.

OK, they were practically perfect coffee cookies. They were firm enough to hold up to being ice cream sandwich cookies, so they had that firmness to hold their shape for the coffee. They were a rich chocolate flavor that was not overwhelmed by a strong coffee, but instead complemented it with a pleasant chocolate flavor.

The dryness encouraged one to sip more coffee for a moistening effect.

I think we may keep them as is, possibly offering them as a lagniappe with a coffee, as well as selling thtem. And if we shape them as the cauldrons...we'd have a signature cookie.

I dunno about that, though, because Manager wants the house cookie to be a butter or sugar cut-out of some sort, possibly a shortbread style, but not as rich as a shortbread, because the cutters are really too large for that. Only a really dedicated person could complete eating a shortbread cookie that large.

I'll take a picture of them in a few minutes, and post them later.

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