Friday, June 18, 2004


We hired an attorney to file the incorporation papers - a simple process, as Oklahoma allows a single person to be director, and it's easy enough to amend it later. If we'd done it ourselves, it would have cost about $100.00 and 5 business days.

We chose to use an attorney to make sure it was done correctly, even if it did cost more.

What we didn't count on were the delays he would put us through.

When Manager spoke to him, and paid him for the service, she gave him all the information he needed, and he promised her it would be completed on 6/8.

She called on the 9th to ask about its status, and got an answering machine. She called again late on the 10th as she had gotten no return call, and again got an answering machine. On the 11th, she got a secretary, who told her they needed some information. That information turned out to be exactly what she'd already given them. The secretary said it would be completed on Monday - a week after the original completion date.

Manager waited until Wednesday to call, and was told it would be completed on Thursday.

She called on Thursday, and was told they were working on it, but no completion date was given.

She called this morning, and the first secretary hung up on her. When she called back, a different secretary answered, and told her it was waiting on the attorney's approval, and then hung up on her without telling her when it would be done, or taking a message.

Since I know people in the Attorney General's office, I asked what recourse we had, as she'd already been delayed more than a week over this, and he advised us to file a complaint with the Oklahoma Bar Association.

So we did.

All we want is a timely completion of the work she paid for (the attorney cashed her check the same day she paid for the service, 18 days ago).

The bank loan officer has been very understanding over the delays, but we really need the attorney to finish up so we can file the real loans, not ask for smaller increments.

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