Monday, May 17, 2004

The Paseo 

Well, when it rains, it pours.

Seems like there's a shop inside the Paseo district that's for rent.

We're not talking hte fringes here. This one is in the heart of the Paseo Arts District itself, the shop that defined the Paseo Arts District and made it the artsy bistro type of place it is.

Before you think that it isn't an important piece of real estate, consider this - when it moved, it rejuvenated another failing nad decrepid district, and brought it into economic prominence.

Yes, we are speaking of The Spaghetti Factory.

The original Spaghetti Factory building is vacant, and begging to be filled.

Sure, the old Queen's Beauty Supply with the lawyer neighbors was a decent spot, except for the lack of parking.

And yes, the old Celtic Cup has parking and is in a good location.

But none carry the cachet that attaches to the Old Spaghetti Warehouse.

So, Manager will call Craig today and ask about it.

Things are particularly fortuitous because the Cairo Coffee Company becamse successful enough to move to another, larger location, so the whole district is now without a coffeehouse - and has never had a bakery.

We've been considering WiFi as a part of the bakery experience. Only one other coffee shop in town has WiFi, although I hear rumors that Starbuck's is considering it.

Best of all, we're located near a FedEx drop box and a QuikPrint in threee of our favored locations.

Think we can add the freelance entreprenuer to our customer base?

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