Friday, May 14, 2004

Lunch and After 

Manager met the banker today.

She will talk to our CPA on Monday, make sure he is able and willing to do what we need done.

The people at the TPA where I once worked are still working there. One of the reasons I left was because there was so little room for any sort of advancement, and very little in the way of pay raises.

The reason I mention this is because Manager is looking for someone to help with worker's comp claims, insurance administration, and COBRA/HIPAA stuff, and this is what they do.

However, since I worked there, they have changed some. I'm not sure they take really small clients anymore. The Cracked Cauldron will have 3, maybe 4 full time employees, and 6-12 part time employees. It may be too small for them.

However, they remember me favorably there, so maybe they can steer her to someplace that will take so small a client. The president reminisced about some of the employee enrichment activities for which I was responsible when I served on the Eomplyee Activities Committee. The Murder Mystery Halloween was his favorite, but only because I use the cleaning of the aquarium as the base of it - and he loves his fishies. He wanted to know if I'd come back and do that again. So, I'm sure they'll treat her well there, even if they send her someplace else.

And, about the building where the Celtic Cup once was - Manager thinks it might be too small. However, it is deeper than she expected, so it might be a good size after all.

She'll call the realtor about it this afternoon.

She went to the Chamber of Commerce for newer information and to see if they had more to offer now that she's getting closer to opening.

She couldn't find the new IRS building, or the Oklahoma Tax Commission Office, so we'll find them tomorrow, and she can visit them on Monday.

Tonight, we'll check out a new coffee shop, see what it's like.

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