Monday, May 03, 2004

Empowerment Zones 

So, we started looking at locations that are within "empowerment zones" as our city was one of 6 selected for this sort of urban renewal and business support.

That immediately eliminated 3 locations, and may have eliminated a few more. We'll see.

There are still 9 locations to check out, and it looks as if a few will be within the empowerment zones.

One of them is a lovely building that is falling apart. Since it is also for rent, we're wondering if the owner will help in the renovation of it. Little things like replacing broken windows, and removing trash from the site, possibly restoring power to the building. And who knows what the plumbing's like.

Another one used to be a "Rent-a-Center" showroom that's now up for rent, it doesn't look like it needs a lot of work, but it's further from downtown. On the plus side, it's in a high traffic area right near a private college.

And yet another one was once a beauty supply store that moved to a larger location down the street. It's also on the border of an artsy district called The Paseo, and still very close to both downtown and the state capitol, not to mention 2 major hospitals and just off a highway - easy access that puts it in quick and easy reach of three local colleges as well as two junior colleges.

I am leaning towards the one in The Paseo, because of it's accessibility to all these coffee drinking sorts of people, now that the one I thought was better is outside the empowerment zone.

We'll see.

The final decision will be Manager's, of course.

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