Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Coffee Cupping 

Either this weekend or next, Manager and I will have a coffee cupping to select our initial coffee roaster supplier.

I know, I know, we could simply use Folgers Coffee Crystals. So many places already use Flogers or Maxwell House or some other readily available blend.

I'm not sure what coffees The Red Cup uses, but I'm convinced it's not their coffee beans that are bad, but their brewing method. I'm willing to believe that they brew the coffee before they open shop, and then let it slowly scorch all day, decanting small amounts into thermal jugs from which they serve it.

I know they serve the coffees from thermal jugs, perhaps in the belief that the coffee will not go sour.

They're wrong.

Coffee drinkers are a loyal group of people, and we hope to offer some really fine coffees.

Get the coffee drinkers in, and they'll buy pastries and cookies and biscottis to enhance the coffee.

Once they've had the good coffee we'll serve, and the delicious pastries in our friendly, inviting shop, they'll bring their friends. They'll try our savory pies, and our soups, and we'll be a regular place for them.

Some days, they'll just have coffee and a biscotti. Some days, they'll linger and have a pie, then add in a fairy cake, maybe have another cuppa because the band's good, and add a biscotti, and by golly, it's dinner time, let's have a bowl of soup and bread, and another cup of coffee, and while they're here, why not add a yummy cheesecake for dessert?

Bakery fantasies. You read them here, first.

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