Friday, May 14, 2004

The Celtic Cup 

Remember a while back, I mentioned a coffee shop called The Celtic Cup?

Well, they went out of business and their building just went on the market for lease this morning.

It's located at Hudson and NW 23rd, just outside hte Empowerment Zone, but, it's at the edge of the Paseo - 1 block off the main street for it. It has parking. It's a pretty building. It won't take a lot of rennovations to turn it into the Cracked Cauldron. It's easy to find and access, and the demographics for it rock. It's located smack between the Paseo Arts district and the Heritage Hills "old money" residential/business district. It's in our "range" for downtown, state capitol, hospital and college accessibility - the bulk of our customers...

It may be a little small for our needs, but we can adapt - and there's room for outside seating - a definite plus when the weather is nice, which, in Oklahoma, is for a large part of the year - even in December and January, there are days mild enough for outside dining. It's the wind that's the kicker here, not the temperature.

Putting up wind screens would be cost-effective and pretty, and not something we'd even have to consider until spring - say next April.

Manager is meeting me for lunch, where we'll go to the bank to meet people, then we'll have lunch and drive by the old Celtic Cup and discuss it some more.

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