Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Categories of Coffe Drinkers 

I came across this little gem describing the types of people who buy their coffee ready to go at Bread Chocolate Coffee Yoga, and with a little research, expanded on it a bit. He listed only the first three, but I found mentions of the others in conversations I'm having with other people: lazy lattes - people who always buy their coffee, usually wherever they happen to be, often "soccer moms"; java snobs who are affluent well-educated "to go" drinkers for whom quality is paramount; caffeinated cultured - middle-income singles who hang out at coffeehouses for the ambiance and to meet other singles; capuccino coders - people who set up "offices" in a coffeehouse to work from laptops, often entreprenuers; java beaners - people who meet with their social groups at the coffeehouse, or just hang out, usually couples getting a break, college students, and people stopping off before or after work for a break.

I think most of our customers will be java beaners. These people want a place to go to see and be seen, to relax, to have fun, to get a good coffee or other beverage, to have something yummy to eat while they sip their coffee, and to be lightly entertained.

OK, OK, perhaps the only category of coffee drinker here to whom we aren't marketing are the java snobs, and who knows? Even they might discover something good at the Cracked Cauldron.

This will form perhaps the core of our "eat-in" customers.

The bakery is a necessary adjunct to the coffee shop part, or perhaps, the coffeeshop is a necessary adjunct to the bakery side.

In any case, the two aspects are integral to one another.

The breads, much as we love them, will probably not form the core of our sales, but they will be attractive to our customers for many reasons - not the least of which will be the timing.

Pity I can't seem to find a cute little breakdown of bread customers the way I did coffee drinking customers

Maybe I can create one?

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