Thursday, May 06, 2004


Most of the actual work for opening the Cracked Cauldron is done by Manager. Me, I do research and post possibilities, and a bit of nagging.

Manager will be moving in with me starting this weekend to save on living expenses while the Cracked Cauldron finds its feet.

In the meantime, until she's moved in, I don't have a lot to do but think of nifty marketing projects.

How's this one? Lulu.com allows people to create calendars fairly inexpensively. I mean, the price is competitive with mass produced calendars! Chik-fil-A offers a calendar with cows on it for $10.00. I think it would be nifty if we offered a calendar with coupons and showing special holiday sales in advance - and pictures of our yummy treats with which to tempt people.

Why not? I have a digital camera and a fast internet connection. Making such a calendar would be quick and easy. I think we could make one for the Grand Opening, and give it away that week, then sell it afterwards, like Chick-fil-A does.

It would remind people all year long where they can have a lovely time and a delicious treat - and with cents off!

Cost-wise, it's less expensive than some other advertising ideas, and looks to be productive, especially if we can photograph the breads and pastries in alluring, come-hither poses.

An added plus is that one cannot get in trouble for photographing under-age breads.

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