Thursday, May 13, 2004

Cake and Banks 

Today I had to bring the birthday treats for one of my co-workers (we rotate).

I was very lazy and only baked one thing - a sour cream vanilla pecan cake.

I should have baked three of them.

I should remember when I provide birthday treats, everybody wants some. They all know Manager is opening her bakery, and they asked if this cake would be among the baked goods. They are such good co-workers - not one has asked for any recipes since they learned Manager was opening her bakery. They've all said they'd rather buy the cakes and such from her than bake it themselves.

The birthday person always specifies that it be simple, so I try not to spend more than 2 hours in preparing everything. And I rarely decide until the night before. This time, I made an antipasta platter and used cookie cutters to cut up some cucumbers and different colored bell peppers and scattered them on a bed of broccoli, then made a "river" of cajun spinach dip, and did the opposite side of the platter with a "bank" of cheese planks and slices of canadian bacon (for the Atkins dieters), and then I carved a watermelon into a flirty whale and balled the fruit.

and that's it. Cake, antipasta platter, and fruit. Simple.

Things will be so much easier when the Cracked Cauldron opens. Then, I can place an order and pick it up without having to rush around buying ingredients at 10:00 p.m. the night before.

Tomorrow, I introduce Manager to the bankers.

They are excited that she's finally ready to take this step.

Not as excited and aprehensive as we are, but excited nonetheless.

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