Monday, April 05, 2004

Time Passes 

And much was done, but very little of it actually bakery related.

This was the Medieval Faire weekend at OU, where we've worked for 27 years. OK, where I've worked for 27 years. Manager's only been alive for 22 years, but she's been working at the Faire since she was born.

Next year, we hope to have a Cracked Cauldron booth at MedFaire, so part of hte Ffaire was spent figuring out traffic flow patterns, optimal locations, and testing Scottish Eggs on as many people as we could convince to try them.

The south end of the Faire, near the Blacksmith's booth, looks to be an open and ideal location. This puts us close to all our special friends at the Faire.

The Scottish Eggs, by the way, were overwhelmingly well received. For those who've never tasted one, a Scottish Egg is a lightly boiled egg wrapped in seasoned pork sausage, then rolled in seasoned breadcrumbs. The Scottish actually fry these eggs in hot oil, but we feel baking them makes for a tastier egg, so we bake ours. I use herbs fresh from my garden to season the sausage and breadcrumbs, and use a different, but complimentary, combination on each. The completed egg then has layers of flavor that blend in your mouth for a taste sensation that brings people back for seconds and fourths.

We also brought loaves of sourdough rye bread to share around, and Celtic knotwork rolls - we've managed to make knotty swans and dragons, and a general knotwork circle. These are sweet rolls, the swans are white pepper, brown sugar and cinnamon with a pumpkin orange glaze, the dragons are apple cinnamon with tiny redhots and an almond glaze, and the circles are cream cheese peach with a mulled spice glaze.

Our MedFaire menu will be the sweet rolls, the Scottish Eggs, scones, Cornish Pasties, hand sized Beef Wellington pies, hot or cold mulled cider, and sweet mead (non-alcoholic).

At least, that's what we're planning for now. That could change.

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