Saturday, April 24, 2004


We ordered samples of coffees from several different suppliers today. We also sent in membership fees for the Bread Baker's Guild of America and the Specialty Coffee Association of America - links in the sidebar.

We visited the Arts Festival today for some inspiration, and to do a bit of networking.

I found a painting I desperatly want to own - I'll be happy with a print. The original is $6,000.00 - and worth every single penny. That, however is and will always be out of my price range. As I said, I would be happy with a print. I'd probably even be willing to pay $600.00 for a well done print. The artist is Dave Badger. He doesn't have a website yet, but he is based in Indiana. Larry Greer is another fabulous artist whose works we'd like to grace both our homes and possible the Cracked Cauldron.

We saw a number of artsy teapots, most of which were ornamental, but not really what we wanted for the Cracked Cauldron.

Later, shopping for a birthday gift, we did some networking with a local business owner, and discovered she had the info on the grants for certain business areas. We exchanged information, shared cheesecakes. As a business owner in one of the areas we were looking at, she gave us some invaluable information on business flow in the area.

In exchange, we gave her some leads on new artisans to feature in her shop - and some hints on financing her shop. She has lovely bits of stained glass, hand made candles, home decor items, and hand made bath products. Since I have worked with the Medieval Faire for so many years, I knew people who would benefit from being placed in her shop, and her shop would benefit from the increase in merchandise.

Things are looking very good.

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