Friday, April 23, 2004

The Red Cup 

There's this little coffeeshop Manager and I sometimes visit. Their coffee is really bad, and their little pastries obviously come from mixes, but the atmosphere is good, and it's a neutral place in which to interview potential employees, at least until we have a place of our own.

There's been a lot of love poured into this little shop, you can tell from the second-hand decor, and the original art - all depicting red cups in one fashion or another. If they had decent coffee, this could be a really nice place. It has such potential.

We want the Cracked Cauldron (which will be on the other side of town) to have that sort of homey ambience - but with much better coffee and pastries!

The times that we've visited it, they seem to do enough business to stay afloat, so that's a heartening sign for us.

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