Friday, April 16, 2004

Old Style Blogger 

I'm not liking the return to the old-style window for writing new posts. I miss being able to scroll through the recent archives to see if I remembered to mention something, or to jog my memory to remember to include an update.

This old style doesn't give access to the archives as readily.

Ah well, we'll be moving it to its own domain and a new host shortly before the Cracked Cauldron opens. That way, we'll be able to add a few pretty features - too bad we can't get a smell-o feature even with the most advanced internet options. To truly appreciate the Cracked Cauldron you would have to smell the commingled fragrances of fresh hot bread, sweet sticky buns, warm chocolate, cinnamon, and rich, well-roasted coffee. If only we could create a website with the fragrance attached. If only.

So, we'll make do instead with lush photos and occassional streaming video, and forums for our customers and other such delights.

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