Monday, April 19, 2004

Bad Blogger, No Cookie - and Banana Bread 

I gave Manager a cookie Saturday for doing good.

We were hunting fresh herbs for the garden, and she spotted the lovely little curry plant.

As a joke, I told her what a good girl she was. "Good girls get cookies." Because it was hot - 90's, I think, with a relentless sun - she asked for a shaved ice instead.

Blogger, however, still gets no cookie because I still can't get back to the better updating screen. I keep geting this old one for people with ancient browsers. And after I just bought a new computer with the top of the line most recent browser, too. The computer, however, was last year's close-out model, adequate for my needs and cheap.

On a different note, I found three really ripe bananas hiding under the honey tangerines, so I had to make banana bread.

Manager likes banana bread. Almost everyone I know likes banana bread.

I hate banana bread.

So why, then, do I always get stuck making the banana bread?

Because I'm the one who forgets to eat the banana before they're too ripe.

I'm too savvy to believe it's because I bake a yummy banana bread.

I will never understand people who want to eat banana bread.

But as long as bananas ripen and people will eat the bread, I will bake it.

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