Wednesday, March 10, 2004

To Do List: 

Pre-advertising flyers at OU MedFaire

Get a cell phone for pre-opening business.

Determine how much of the equipment can be leased or bought on payment plans - and how much that will cost per month.

Contact a realtor for commercial properties and begin the search for the right place. We have one location we really, really like, and three alternative locations - each has at least 3-4 properties for lease or sale.

Determine if leasing or buying is the right option.

Apply for loans and grants, see what other financial options are available to us.

Purchase office computer.

Set up business accounting software and begin financial accounting.

Rent the building.

Get insurance.

Get a business phone and answering service.

Set up the web page.

Begin advertising.

Complete interior design and work flow areas - including purchasing or leasing all equipment except counter computer.

Get inspections.

Be sure all forms are filed with appropriate agencies.

Stock ingredients.

Print employee and entertainer contracts and other necessary business forms.

Hire rest of employees.

Purchase counter computer.

Train employees.

Schedule entertainers.

Print menus and coupons.

Put coupons in paper.

Ramp up advertising.

Have pre-opening Press Party.




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