Friday, March 05, 2004

Taking Stock 

What have we done so far? In no particular order:

We have collected a variety of studies and surveys on the feasibility of a bakery in our city.

We have scouted out what we feel will be a suitable location - but don't yet have a price.

We have a good start on an Employee's Handbook.

We have most of the business proposal and a 1 year, and 5 year business plan written.

We have a name for the bakery.

We have collected the health department rules for food service.

We have Contacted a variety of equipment suppliers.

We have visited some mills and local produce farmers and ranchers with an eye towards having them as suppliers.

We've talked with the local farm extension and department of agriculture for more local producers and suggestions for the bakery, too.

We've visited and toured a variety of bakeries to see what our competition is like. We bought their products, too, to sample them and see what we could do better, and what we do differently.

We've test marketed most of our products and collected feedback on them.

We've contacted the local chamber of commerce.

We've collected some seed money from a friend.

We have several reputable and dependable employees lined up.

We have located a CPA to help us with taxes and finances relating to running the business.

We've spoken to the IRS about the best way to incorporate (subchapter S, so we can offer stock to the employees - that's how we'll tie in their pay raises, the better the bakery does, the better thier bank account will look).

We've checked out provisions for insurance.

We've checked out provisions for employee benefits.

We've determined hte optimal operating hours (this may be revised based on new data).

We've created an advertising campaign to let people know who and where we are and what we have to offer them.

We've contacted some performers to play in hte bakery.

We've scheduled in some groups for regular meetings.

We've contacted an artist to create our logo.

And we still have so much left to do....

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