Tuesday, March 09, 2004

More Things We have Done 

We have a house with 5 years of steady payments behind it as collateral for more of the loan.

We have created our "recipe book" of recipes in baker notation of our specialties, plus regular recipes.

We have had many of our recipes analyzed for their nutritional content, so we can offer this information to our customers.

We have located a source for the furniture (tables and chairs) we need - and made a friend in the process.

We have collected many of the specialty baking pans anad cookie cutters and small equipment we'll need, but we still have a list of more to go.

We have contacted some local and regional bakers and restaurant organizations.

We are working on the bake schedule, and have prepared our holiday specials schedule.

We have scouted out the most effective forms of advertising for our business, and will begin implementing advance advertising in May.

We have located a hosting service, and are designing our interactive web page, which should be online by August for our opening in October.

We've researched pay scales, benefits, and laws concerning employees.

Once we have a location and the finances, we will begin the opening rush. That won't be until June at the very earliest.

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