Wednesday, March 17, 2004

More Advertising 

Ack. Whatever we do, I hope our ads are never as annoying as some of the pseudo-Irish spewings that have been on the radio the last few days. Scotland the Brave, even if it is played on helium, is not Irish. And those truly fakey accents that keep slipping into Okie tones just grate on the nerve.

The tone of our advertising campaign hasn't been set yet. We're still exploring several different avenues.

One thing we are doing is creating some contact cards to give to people, telling them this is just the preliminary information until we have located our site.

Speaking of locations, another one in a prime area has opened, and the price and remodeling costs are modest. The location is fantastic for us, easy to get to, lots of adequate parking, an area we can set up for outdoor enjoyment, a pretty facade (well, it will be pretty once it's repainted and flowers put in the planters outside it), and it has large windows to let people drool over the goods. It's in a walk location (you don't know how rare that is in Oklahoma - I've seen people get in their cars and drive to the other end of the parking lot to visit a shop in the same strip mall), and in a high traffic, easy-access driving area. It's 2 minutes from downtown, 5 minutes from the State Capitol, 3 minutes from a major hospital, just off 2 major highways with simple ramps off and on again, making it accessible to people who live farther away.

So, that gives us, what 7 locations that are excellent, another 5 that are acceptable, and 2 fringe locations. We'll run demographics on all of them, compare renovation expenses, and monthly maintainence costs, anad make our selections based on that.

Now, as for those ads...something friendly, welcoming, and just a little intriguing, I think.

How we'll accomplish that is something we still have to work out.

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