Thursday, March 11, 2004

Daily Needs 

OK, we calculated how much of stuff we'd have to sell to break even, and it looks doable.

That's 18300 loaves of bread or 22448 eclairs or 11022 Baker Breakfasts, or 7246 lunches or 6478 dinners a month. 610 loaves of bread a day, or 748 eclairs, or 376 Breakfasts, or 241 lunches, or 215 dinners.

I reckon if we make 150 loaves of bread (that's about 12 loaves each of our daily breads, and 10 each of a few specialty breads, plus assorted rolls), then 3 dozen of about 20 different pastries and tartlettes, 5 gallons of 6 different soups, and I didn't even calculate beverage, pie, or cake sales. we can double that break even dollar amount. I can bake that much alone with the right equipment.

With Manager there, and BJ both baking, and hiring a few coffee monkeys, well, it looks like as high as the numbers are, we can do it.

So it will cost us $660,000.00 a year to break even, Panera's bread makes over $1,800,00.00 a year. Starbuck's makes considerably less and still makes more than we need to break even.

Daunting as it is to need $660,000.00 a year to meet expenses, it's good to know we can probably double that - and this is including what we'll be expending for the free meals we'll give to the homeless people via the coupons.

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