Thursday, March 18, 2004

Bad Advertising 

Does it help, in advertising, to know what you don't want?

I know we don't want advertisiements that bash our competitors. I happen to like the owners of most of them, and their products are decent. Not ours, you know, but still good (OK, except for BreadWinners, with the rotten strawberries in their bread).

I hope our ads won't be seen as obnoxious - like a lot of the furniture and liquidation clearinghouses whose sales people scream at the top of their voices to make theri sales pitch.

I really, really want our ads to be as memorable and delightful as the Skittles commercials. I don't eat Skittles because I don't like the way they taste, but I am very favorable towards them because of the commercials.

Hmmmm, perhaps the commercials are a failure because I am not lured to consume their product?

I used to design billboard ads, and won several awards for a couple of them. Wonder if I still have the ability? It was, after all, 30 years ago.

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