Tuesday, February 17, 2004

FDA and the Cracked Cauldron 

Hmmm - hadn't thought of what the Bioterrorism Act would do to our bakery. I will grant we're way down on the registration scale, as we don't do wholesale, and we don't import a lot. We're hoping to use local produce as much as possible.

Our greatest impact will be from purchasing from dealers who import. Even there, we'll still not be greatly impacted.

It just goes to show how many details will jump up and bite if we weren't constantly looking for them.

Speaking of which...Manager is doing a grad check to see how many more classes she needs to take to graduate. Right now, it looks as if once she's done with this semester, all she needs is one more math class and the Capstone class.

They don't offer Capstone in the summer, but she may be able to finish her math class during the summer months.

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