Friday, February 13, 2004


Our bank (OK, my bank, since Manager uses a different bank right now) gave me information on business checking accounts and loans. It's still months too soon to contemplate a loan.

Hard as it can be, we will stick to our schedule because we don't want to rush things and discover, too late, something that would have been easy to fix and will now be a hair puller.

I know people are getting anxious for us to open - emails prove that, and even questions from co-workers and others who know what we're planning. We want to open, too.

Still, we have a lot of prep-work going on behind the scenes.

We'll be taking a tour of a couple of Dallas bakeries on February 28th. We have some information coming soon about rack ovens, deck ovens, and used Hobart floor mixers and ovens, not to mention walk in refrigerators and freezers for storage of perishables. We still need to finalize our opening menu, and locate all the equipment we need. Since we hope to be able to get the really expensive stuff used, it will take some browsing nad hunting to find what we need.

Sometimes, I think waiting another 11 months to open is not long enough!

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