Thursday, January 29, 2004

More On King Cakes 

We've been asked to supply King Cakes to the doctor's lounge at the teaching hospital, the photographer's, and the county health department.

Yanno, if for some reason (and lack of money is the only reason we forsee intervening at this point - well, and death, but death is always a possibility) we can't open this bakery, there will be a lot of disappointed people.

We have a list of 53 King Cakes to make between now and Mardi Gras. We have a weekly order of 7 loaves of Bacon Bread (the maximum we can make without a commercial kitchen), and a weekly standing order of a cake or pie for the teacher's lounge and the bank, and anything at all for the Latin class. Then, there are the cookies for the Senior Center. And the sandwiches and soup we make and deliver for the homeless every week. That's about the maximum we can handle.

The orders are done for cost only (or a little less), since we are not in business yet.

Oddly enough, the price may go down once we buy ingredients at wholesale prices instead of the current retail, even buying in bulk as we do for flour, sugar, salt, and yeast.

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