Tuesday, January 06, 2004


Is it too soon to think of landscaping?

All the seed catalogs are arriving, and bludgeoning us with ideas.

See, the Cracked Cauldron is going to be gemuetlich, a place where people want to relax and eat a pastry while sipping coffee and listening to some half-decent amateur musician amid cutesy teapots, cauldrons of all sizes, and plants. Sure, we could go for the usual indoor tropical types of plants, the wandering jews, and airplane plants and such. But don't you think trailing rosemary would be prettier and smell better? Plus, we could harvest it for the breads and soups. Wouldn't a windowbox of feathery dill and curly parsley make a delightful contrast - and delicous addition to the breads and soups? Baskets of nasturtiums would add splashes of all-important color, and provide low cost alternatives to capers in the soups.

Is it legal for us to grow the herbs we add to the food we make?

That's certainly an important thing to look at before we get too much further along.

I didn't see anything about it in the Health Department literature.

I wonder if we have to go to the Department of Agriculture for answers?

That goes on the list of Things Which Must Be Done.

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