Friday, January 16, 2004

King Cakes 

It's already that time of year when people begin requesting King Cakes. Not to brag or anything, but we make some mighty fine King Cakes.

My favorite is a praline filled, brioche style King Cake. Although, the Zulu King Cake is also yummy - chocolate Bavarian creme filled with a rich chocolate icing and colored coconut topping instead of the more usual colored sugars. Oh, that is sooooo good.

Cream filled and cream cheese filled with assorted fruits have also gained in popularity over the years.

I'm not sure yet if the praline, cream, or cream cheese fillings are popular this year. I have to ask my New Orleans spy.

Anyway, from now until February 24th, I'll be making King Cakes to share around.

I like Mardi Gras, even if I'm not Catholic and don't therefore have to follow it with the Lenten fast.

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